Fleet Remarketing

free - Global Reach

  • Over two decades of remarketing experience
  • Providing services for top tier Fortune 500 companies
  • National network to better serve all markets
  • You can leverage our services whether you lease or own your fleet
  • Flexible and customized services based on client business needs

For over two decades, Flexco has been the company that provides efficient, cost effective and personal service in the remarketing industry.   Large Fortune 500 companies with demanding requirements have found Flexco to not only accommodate their unique business needs, but to do so in a prompt and professional fashion.  Using cutting edge software and web technologies, Flexco continues to provide no less than top tier services to our clients.

Flexco also has a well-established national network of resources which maximizes the return when we sell our client’s fleet vehicles.  We regularly monitor not only auction prices but wholesale and retail channel prices for markets around the country.  

free - RemarketingSince 1992, when we began providing our services to companies and organizations, we have found that rarely do all companies have the same requirements, business rules and policies for their organizations. When looking for services in the fleet and remarketing areas, many of the major providers offer the main remarketing services, but they offer them in “only one flavor.”  That’s great if you are okay with “vanilla,” but we often find companies have unique needs which require customized, specific processes.

Flexco Fleet Services was built from the ground up to accommodate the needs of our clients, not to force our clients to adhere to our process. When meeting with our clients to engineer an end of term remarketing program we look at a host of factors and ask a number of questions to identify how we can best serve your needs. We listen, then listen some more, than offer options, make suggestions, and work together with your management team to design a system and process that provides exactly what you are looking for in an asset remarketing program.

Online Website Sales

free - Website Sales

  • Flexco offers an online centralized marketplace
  • Auto buyers get detailed information on available vehicles
  • Open bidding with auto bid functionality
  • Website can be customized with client’s logo and branding


In today’s fast moving world consumers and companies are looking for ways to streamline their business processes and even the way they purchase goods and services.  Being a leader in the industry, Flexco introduced private, company branded websites in 2005, where end of term corporate vehicles could be sold to employees in a simple, easy to use fashion.

With a centralized marketplace to minimize the surplus of vehicles and equipment, companies can expedite the remarketing process.

Our customized online vehicle portal websites are designed to meet your needs and to comply with your internal policies and any relevant regulations in your state.  We work with our clients to guarantee the sale of vehicles and equipment by offering competitive bids through our web auctions.

Web sales can offer global exposure to your inventory that results in producing increased bids and higher returns in the sale.  Our web portals can be customized with your university or government logo and offer either global bidding or secure bidding to a select audience through secure access methods.  With our customized applications, you are able to follow the process from consignment to sale and view all bids submitted on your vehicles and equipment.

To arrange a demonstration of our web sales system call 888-932-0205.


free - Transport Vehicles

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Your driver is turning in her vehicle in Harrisburg, PA, but you have an employee in Chicago, IL who wants to buy it. This is a common occurrence in our business, so we have a network of national vehicle transport companies to assist our clients in moving their vehicles around the country or just the county.

Flexco can professionally and quickly manage any transportation need that may arise. Whether it’s a corporate vehicle to be relocated, or other assets awaiting disposition at other locations, Flexco has a cost savings solution for you.

We are also able to offer our clients the ability to store vehicles and other assets before they are ready to be delivered or sold. Whether it is at one of our company owned locations or with one of our trusted partners, these assets are safe and secure until they are ready to be moved or sold.  Get a QUOTE!