All of our services are free standing, providing the ability for our clients to choose only those services that best fit their needs. This unbundled structure allows you to only use the services you need, while enjoying all the benefits of an effective fleet remarketing plan. We offer the expertise and programs to handle every detail of the remarketing process.

Flexco offers a proven system that maximizes your return on fleet assets. Whether you have one vehicle or 10,001 vehicles we will remarket your fleet using every available network to maximize your resale value. We have multiple dealer licenses and utilize various nationwide remarketing networks. We realize that time is money, so we work hard to expedite the sale of these assets through our network of channels and within the guidelines established by our clients.

Trade-In Program
In conjunction with national factory-fleet dealers, Flexco offers a Trade-In Program that is designed to eliminate the over-payment of state sales tax on new vehicles. This proven program works by determining fair market value of retired fleet vehicles and subtracting these values as “trades” to new vehicle cap costs, thus lowering the tax liability of the new vehicles.

Driver sales are a great way to remarket fleet vehicles. Studies have proven that drivers will take better care of their vehicles if they can purchase the vehicles at the end of the term. Flexco handles the entire process, extending quotes to your drivers based on your predetermined formula.

Employee Sales
A comprehensive employee purchase program is an expanded version of the Pre-marketing program. By outsourcing the remarketing of retired fleet vehicles to Flexco, you open up the potential market for buyers to all of your employees and the employees of our other clients. This ensures a quick sale, and can secure better prices than using traditional remarketing outlets. Flexco provides all required documentation and acts as a holding company for all funds to ensure a legal transaction for all parties. We even archive all records for future reference.

Title Service
In order to facilitate a quick sale for all of your fleet vehicles, we can obtain duplicate or replacement titles in all 50 states.

For a free analysis on how Flexco can help your bottom line, contact one of our representatives today by dialing 614-865-3500.