Employee Vehicle Sales
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The pre-owned vehicle market has tightened up and Flexco is helping companies and organizations to take advantage of this situation.   By utilizing upstream marketing Flexco can often  sell assets before the end of their term. We contact the driver of the vehicle to gauge their interest, and then can open up buying opportunities to all or a portion of the company’s employees to bid on these vehicles.  All posted vehicles for sales have been inspected and often sell for much less than the “street” price for comparable vehicles.

free - Vehicle DetailThe company benefits by expediting the remarketing process and has quicker access to funds from assets that are moving “off the books.”

Whether the sale is to the driver of the vehicle or to other employees via a customized website, we can help expedite the process.  Your company can save end-of-term expenses and time when the Flexco Remarketing program is implemented.

The Flexco Employee Sales Program is non-intrusive, can integrate with your intranet, and can be customized to meet your specific needs and time frames.   Organizations are finding this is a very appreciated employee benefit that streamlines the auto buying, financing, and titling process.

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